SUMMER 2022 PREP Registration Form
GRADE 4-7 only

Religious Education is much more than passing on facts, it is about formation! The life of every Catholic, from childhood to adulthood, is about being formed in the image of Christ. This process of formation is always new and never ends. 

We are here to help you with the formation of your children as they grow in their relationship with our Lord.  

Parish Religion Education Program 

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FALL 2022 Registration- September 14 - March 29, 2023, Wednesday 4:45-6:15PM-COMING SOON
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Confirmation Paperwork with 8th-grade registration form Coming Soon!

June 13-24 from 8:30am -12pm

SUMMER 2022 PREP Registration Form
* only

Registration is OPEN

*7th Grade closed 5.4.2022 Unless we have a volunteer catechist come forward.




In the Catholic Church, those interested in becoming Catholic, or interested in completing their sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist), or those who were baptized into another Christian faith and wish to become Catholic, join a program called the R.C.I.A. ( or R.C.I.C.).


R.C.I.A. stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (or children). This program is a journey where one learns more about the Catholic faith and, specifically, the sacraments they will receive.


Those entering into this program will participate in weekly (or S.T.J.W. school) classes that are age-appropriate.  This first stage is called a period of inquiry where basic information about the Catholic church is received and shared. 


In the second year, the student will continue with their faith formation. They will be given additional resources to complete with their parent’s assistance, and participate in a small number of classes designed to prepare them to receive the sacraments.

Director of Religious Education:  Mrs. Rose Hayward

PREP Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Liz Castro

PREP Office Phone Number: 610-395-4920

For more information about the PREP program, click on our PREP Brochure.