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Job Opportunities

Maintenance Position

St. Joseph the Worker Church is a Parish in Orefield that includes a Church, Parish Center and School. Each of our Maintenance personnel has unique responsibilities but also works as a team in support of the entire Parish.

The Maintenance Worker's primary function is to support the day-to-day functioning of the Parish, and in the monitoring, maintenance & repair of the structures and their systems. The secondary role is assisting the other maintenance workers with projects that require additional resources anywhere on the Parish Campus.



Job Responsibilities and Duties: 


  • Assisting in the Day-to-Day functioning of the Church, Parish Center & School. Which include tasks delegated by the Pastor, the Business Manager & the Office Secretary.

  • Cleaning, De-Cluttering the Church, Parish Center, 3 Car Garage & Pole Barn.

  • Moving, Storing items. Procuring supplies when necessary

  • Regular Building Maintenance – Changing light bulbs, Inspecting/Monitoring/Repairing Systems, Changing Filters, Stocking Shelves, Keeping tabs on Supplies and re-stocking designated areas, (i.e., toilet paper, paper towels, etc.). Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping when needed. Breakdown and disposal of garbage/recycling.

  • Providing support for other Maintenance Projects/Initiatives in the Parish which at times includes property/building maintenance throughout the Parish campus.

  • Special Projects

  • Property Maintenance when required

  • Assistance with Maintenance on other buildings when required

  • Assisting the Parish Center Administrator in the setup and cleanup for functions both recurring and non-recurring.

  • Moving and Setup of Tables, Chairs, Tablecloths, etc. for functions.

  • Cleanup after functions. Breaking down and storing items after use.

  • Providing cleanup of trash and cleaning when and where they are necessary outside of the normal day-to-day.


Job Skills 


1. Must be safety cautious at all times. 

2. Able to lift up to 50 lbs.  

3. Ability to collaborate and coordinate with church volunteers on special maintenance projects. 

4. A solid work-ethic. An enthusiastic attitude. Willingness to learn and receive instruction. 

5. Must have a means of transportation to and from work. (Driver’s License Preferred) 

Not Required but Preferred 

1. Demonstrated skill in carpentry work, plumbing, electrical and landscaping. 

2. Must have the basic tools in: a. Carpentry b. Electricity c. Plumbing d. Landscaping 

3. Ability to climb high ladders and/or operate a lift. 

4. Experience/Licensed/Qualified to operate on-site machinery. 

Description: Part-Time 20 hours per week, 4 hour day shifts Monday through Friday, $16 per hour.

To apply, send resume to Tim Hood at

Music Director
St Joseph the Worker in Orefield, PA is seeking a part-time Music Director.
-Developing and training a parish choir
-Scheduling, recruiting and training cantors
-Playing the organ for up to 3 weekend masses, holy days, school masses and other
scheduled liturgies
-Planning music, particularly with a goal of integrating the church’s rich music tradition
into our weekend liturgies (e.g. traditional, hymnody, chant etc.)
-Working office hours as agreed upon with the pastor
-Other responsibilities as agreed upon with the pastor
-Working with and providing direction for 2 contemporary ensembles
-Developing a youth music program in conjunction with the school (if interested)
-Practicing Catholic in good standing and an understanding of Catholic liturgy
-Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in music or commensurate experience working in
Catholic music ministry
-Ability to play the organ and/or piano, and to accompany congregation from the
-Good communication skills
Salary commensurate with experience. Additional income possible from funerals and weddings.
St. Joseph the Worker Parish is a thriving suburban parish with nearly 3,000 families. The parish
continues to grow as the area around the parish develops. This church is ripe with potential to
grow a music program. We are seeking someone who can integrate more traditional styles of
worship into our liturgical life, as well as revive and train our choir, which has been on
sabbatical since the pandemic. This position is a great opportunity for someone looking to build a
program in one of the most vibrant and dynamic parishes within the Diocese of Allentown.
To apply, send resume and cover letter to: St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Church 1879
Applewood Dr. Orefield PA 18069 ATTN: Msgr. Victor Finelli or email to

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