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Director of Music-  Mark O'Hearn

The Music Ministry of our church reflects the vibrancy of our parish community. Saint Paul admonishes the church to proclaim her witness in “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.”


Our musical heritage is truly a reflection of the Catholic Church. Instrumentalists augment our regular choirs on high feast days of the church year.


Our typical Sunday celebration of the Holy Mass is led by the following musical forces, late September through Corpus Christi (mid-June):


- Sunday at 9 AM: Chancel Choir
- Sunday at 11 AM: Contemporary Choir 

- Holy Days: As announced


Chancel Choir 

Saint Joseph's Church will be forming a Chancel Choir to sing at the 9 AM Sunday Mass. The choir sings different styles of music from traditional hymnody, gregorian chant, classical choral literature to present day.  The ensemble utilizes the organ as its primary accompaniment with occasional added instruments. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings during the academic year. All are welcome for more information, contact the Director of Music. 


Children's Choir
Saint Joseph's Children's Choir (coming in 2025) our Children’s choir will gather for special rehearsals on Thursday Evenings prior to Christmas and Easter. Occasionally this choir will sing at a Sunday Mass as well, to share what they’ve learned with the parish. Children in grades 2-7 are welcome. All are welcome for more information, contact the Director of Music.


Contemporary Ensemble 

Saint Joseph's Contemporary Ensemble is an adult group of singers and instrumentalists that provides music ministry  for the 11 AM Sunday Mass. The ensemble utilizes organ/piano as its primary accompaniment, with added guitar and other instruments. 

The Contemporary Ensemble is always open to new members who enjoy contemporary singing and to instrumentalists with a desire to share their musical talents. Rehearsals are held each Sunday in the choir rehearsal room prior to the 11 AM Mass, while extra rehearsals are added during the Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas seasons during the week. All are welcome. For more information, contact the Director of Music.


Schola Cantorum 

The Roman schola cantorum was reorganized by Gregory the Great (c.540-604), who served as Pope from 590 to 604. Gregorian Chant developed during the seventh and eight centuries. The Roman schoal cantorum was a center that provided instruction in chant for other churches and institutions. The use of Gregorian Chant spread rapidly in the western church. The term schola cantorum is still used where chant is taught. This group will sing primarily Gregorian chant with some choral motets.


The Schola is being formed in 2025 if there is enough interest. This group will sing for special high feast days and other special masses during the liturgical year. Anyone with the ability to read music is encouraged to speak with the Director of Music. 


Cantors proclaim the psalms and are the leaders of song at all weekend and holy day liturgies.  They encourage the assembly's singing and are responsible for teaching new songs and acclamations to the assembly.  A pleasant singing voice and good public speaking skills are required.  Cantors may be scheduled at their convenience.  For more information, contact the Director of Music.



In addition to the instrumentalists who accompany the 9:00 and 11:00 am choirs, we also seek proficient organists and pianists to support the singing at our other weekend and holy day Masses. For more information, contact the Director of Music.


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