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Online Giving

​Thank you for considering Online Giving!  This puts the power of contribution at the touch of your fingertips.  No more envelopes, and better yet, no more trying to write a check or find some cash as your rush out of the house on Sunday morning!  You can also make changes at any time.  Use the following directions to create your account.  If you encounter any problems, the customer support number is (800) 348-2886, option 1

  1. Click on this link HERE and create an account

  2. Once you are in your account, click on Funds

  3. Select Sunday Giving. You can go online and contribute every week or you can set it up for recurring payments that are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, twice yearly, or annually

  4. Choose a date to start

  5. Enter your payment information (bank account or credit card)

  6. If desired, you can return to Funds, scroll through and enter amounts for Holy Days and the any second collections listed. You can also enter your account at any time throughout the year to add these or make adjustments.

  7. If you would like to cancel your envelopes, call the Parish Office at 610-395-2876.  You can continue to receive and use your envelopes along with online giving if you would like (some choose to use the second offering envelopes, etc.).

St. Joseph the
Worker Church

and All Saints Chapel

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