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We are now accepting donations for the Flea Market. 

    Please place them in the two-car garage from 9-6 pm daily.


NO BROKEN, CRACKED or CHIPPED items, please!  Items should be clean and boxed for stacking purposes. -Glass must be wrapped for safety.

We will NOT accept the following items:

Clothing, Shoes (Purses and Wallets will be accepted this year), Pillows for Beds– Throw pillows accepted, Baby Car Seats, Baby Cribs, Bowling Balls, Cell Phones older than 3 years, Computers, Keyboards, Printers, Cookbooks, Encyclopedias, Exercise Equipment, Magazines, Older Televisions (Smart TV’s accepted), Porcelain Dolls, Typewriters, Skis

NO Furniture, but we will take small home accessory items like plant stands, wall shelves and small book cases, etc. Also taking sports memorabilia and equipment, comforters, bed sheets, etc.

To Volunteer at the Flea Market-  Please contact Jessica at 610-841-2502 or

Flea Market is now officially open!

Flea Market Hours

Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday & Saturday 9am-2pm & Sunday 10am-1pm

The Flea Market will be Closed on the following dates:

June 26, and July 3-4

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