This Week's Pastoral Message

September 4, 2020

In this time of “Cancel Culture,” intimidation and an increasing secular society, how many of us
would like to turn the clock back to when things seemed more comfortable? Life can be
incredibly challenging at times. Our human nature is often to take the path of least resistance in
life and not make waves.

In the first reading this Sunday from Ezekiel, our Lord calls each of us to stand up for our faith
and the church teachings. If we face someone who sins against the church in some way and we
do not say anything to them, we will be held responsible. Yikes! It’s called a sin of omission; not
doing what we’re called to do. But if we at least try to defend our faith, we shall be saved.
Each of us are called to be representatives of Christ to the best of our ability.

In the gospel reading from Matthew, our Lord said that what we bind and loose on earth, will be
bound and loosed in heaven. We are responsible for our actions and will account for them in the
end. This is not intended to add more stress to our lives and is also not a master telling his
subordinate what to do. Jesus called us his friends, and in a loving friendship we should want to
stand up for each other. Take comfort knowing that our Lord is with you on the journey. Our
Lord does his part, the question is, do we?

Enjoy the weekend!

Deacon Butch

 · St. Joseph the Worker Church ·

1879 Applewood Drive, Orefield PA 18069