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IHS Youth Ministry is back!

Every Thursday at 5:00 pm, videos will be posted to our new YouTube channel. Videos will include a weekly game that can be played at home or with friends online, a reading and breakdown of the upcoming Sunday Gospel, a saint of the week, weekly service project, and more!


We are also now on Instagram and Facebook (@ihsatstjw) where you can post pictures or videos of your games/projects! Please see the form at the bottom of this page for the IHS Social Media Code of Conduct form.


You can also join our weekly email list (email us here to join) which will provide updates on upcoming meetings, potential future live online meetings, information on the IHS care package list, and for updates on when we can meet in person once again!

Look us up on YouTube: STJW Youth Ministry 


Code of Conduct:

If you are interested in following us on social media, please download and complete the form below. Please upload a copy and email to Mr. Quinlan here.