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St. Joseph the Worker IHS Youth Ministry


We are a ministry committed to guiding teens in grades 6-12. Our focus is centered on:

  • Faith and a deeper connection in Christ.

  • Fellowship with peers through games and activities

  • Service to our church, school, and community

  • Jr. High Meetings:

  • Held every other Thursday evening (beginning 9/22) from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

  • Open to ALL students in grades in 6-12

  • Join our weekly email list for updates on upcoming events or possible schedule changes.


  • Sr. High Meetings:

  • Meeting dates/times TBD - check survey in the video description for IHS Minute #1 to give us input and feedback!

  • Open to ALL students in grades 8-12

  • Join our email list for updates on Steubenville and special weekend events scheduled throughout the year.


  • IHS Minute:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly videos!

  • Videos are posted every Wednesday!

  • Great for viewers of all ages.


  • For the most up-to-date information on the ministry:

  • Join our weekly email by sending an email to 

  • Find us on Instagram: @ihsatstjw

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel: STJW Youth Ministry


Upcoming Events:

The Latest Video- Click HERE 

*Tentative Date* Soup Kitchen Volunteering, Grades 6-12, Sept.17

Jr/Sr High Welcome Night- Thursday, 9/22




Code of Conduct:

If you are interested in following us on social media, please download and complete the form below. Please upload a copy and email to Mr. Quinlan here.

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